Cafe de Flore

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In Paris in 1969, hairdresser Jacqueline Lawrence is raising her Down syndrome son alone. She spends every spare moment with him, trying to enrich and prolong his life. When the little boy falls in love with a girl in his class who also has Down syndrome, the possessive young mother tries to keep them apart.
In modern-day Montreal, internationally famous DJ Antoine Godin finds love with Rose. However, he still has feelings for his ex-wife, Carole, the mother of his two daughters. For her part, though it's been two years since their divorce, Carole still believes Antoine will come back to her. A frequent sleepwalker, Carole dreams of a boy with Down syndrome in the back seat of a car...


Cafe de Flore
  • Cast
  • Vanessa Paradis, Kevin Parent, Hélène Florent
  • Director
  • Jean-Marc Vallée
  • Genre
  • Drama
  • Classification
  • MA15+, 131 mins
  • Country of Origin
  • Canada/ France
  • Audio Language
  • French
  • Special Note
  • This movie is subtitled

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