Heartbreak Hotel

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Whoever wrote the words for the wedding ceremony had a wicked sense of humour or an evil streak. 'Till death us do part' could just as easily have been 'Till you reach 40' or 'Till I reach 50', 'Till the kids leave home', 'Till I meet somebody else' or 'Till we've been together long enough for me to discover who you really are'.

Anyway, all of use are surrounded by divorce. It comes so easily these days. Talk to any divorced woman over 40 years old and you will hear stories of how hard the fight towards a new life is. The two women our story follows are just over forty and just divorced. People's lives - it's serious business and yet so often we laugh...


Heartbreak Hotel
  • Cast
  • Helena Bergstrom, Maria Lundqvist, Claes Mansson
  • Director
  • Colin Nutley
  • Genre
  • Comedy
  • Classification
  • 98 mins
  • Country of Origin
  • Sweden
  • Audio Language
  • Swedish, Italian, English, French
  • Special Note
  • This movie is subtitled

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