JIFF - Waiting for Anya

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The year is 1943 and although Europe may be ravaged by the horrors of World War II, Jo’s (Noah Schnapp) life in the picturesque French Pyrenees has remained remarkably untouched. That is, until Jo stumbles upon a dangerous secret: Jewish children are being smuggled out of Nazi-occupied France to the safety of Spain by the village outcast, widow Horcada (Anjelica Huston) and her son-in-law, Benjamin (Frederick Schmidt). When German troops move into town, Jo finds himself caught in a perilous conspiracy and enlists the help of his grand-père, a veteran of The Great War. Responsible for the escape of a group of Jewish children, his own life on the line, Jo must grow up fast if they are going to survive. Set against the stunning backdrop of the French Pyrenees and perils of foreign occupation, this tale of a young boy’s triumph against the odds will set your heart racing and reignite your faith in the human spirit.


JIFF - Waiting for Anya
  • Director
  • Ben Cookson
  • Genre
  • Festivals
  • Classification
  • E, 109 mins
  • Country of Origin
  • UK
  • Audio Language
  • English
  • Distributor
  • JIFF Distribution

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