The Interpreter

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An 80-year-old translator, Ali Ungar (Jiri Menzel), comes across a book written by a former SS officer
recounting his war experiences in Slovakia. Ali realises that one of the chapters may well describe his
own parents ‘execution. And so, armed with a pistol, he sets off to Vienna to look for the SS man and
take his revenge. But once there, the only person he encounters is the man’s 70-year-old son Georg
(Peter Simonischek, Toni Erdmann), a former teacher who has spent his whole life avoiding his father
and suffering from an addiction to alcohol. The translator’s visit arouses Georg’s curiosity and he decides to invite Ali on a trip through Slovakia. But while Georg is basically out to have a good time, Ali is hoping to find out how his parents really died. Gradually, these two very different men begin to warm to each other and together, they discover a country that would prefer to forget about its past. Oscillating between comedy and tragedy, this moving and pertinent road movie focuses on two old men weighed down by the unresolved conflicts that have plagued their lives who are now trying to free themselves from this oppressive burden.


The Interpreter
  • Cast
  • Jirí Menzel, Peter Simonischek, Zuzana Mauréry
  • Director
  • Martin Šulík
  • Genre
  • Drama
  • Classification
  • E, 125 mins
  • Country of Origin
  • German
  • Special Note
  • This movie is subtitled
  • Distributor
  • JIFF Distribution

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