The Twinning Reaction

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"The Twinning Reaction tells a unique story of loss, sacrifice in the name of science and questions that will haunt those affected for years to come.͟— Atlanta Jewish Times
10Truth is stranger than fiction in The Twinning Reaction, an astounding and thrilling exposé that gives voice to the unwitting subjects of an infamous American scientific experiment: the 1960s Neubauer-Bernard study of separated twins. Told from the perspective of the Jewish identical twins and triplets who were secretly split up in infancy and adopted through Louise Wise Services, a Jewish adoption agency, the documentary examines the traumatic, long-term effects of the separations — and continuing deception — on the children and their adoptive families.


The Twinning Reaction
  • Cast
  • Documentary
  • Director
  • Lori Shinseki
  • Genre
  • Documentary, History
  • Classification
  • E, 67 mins
  • Country of Origin
  • USA
  • Audio Language
  • English
  • Distributor
  • JIFF Distribution

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