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Roseville Cinemas is located at 112 Pacific Highway, Roseville NSW. For further information, please refer to our map on About Roseville Cinemas page.

Movie schedules are determined on Tuesdays for films opening on Thursday of the same week. Schedules are posted on the Roseville Cinemas website by Tuesday evening. Better still, sign up for our weekly NEWSLETTER and add us to your FAVOURITES.

Yes! Tickets can be purchased through our website for all upcoming screenings; simply click the session time for the film you wish to see and you will be directed to our online booking system. Where necessary, a valid concession card must be presented to staff when redeeming tickets. Please note, online tickets are non-refundable.

Yes, Movie Vouchers can be purchased from the boxoffice. Check our tickets page for more information.

If you were given a voucher that originated from a film's distributor, please check the terms and conditions in the fineprint to make sure it is valid at Roseville Cinemas. If it is an ADMIT-TWO voucher, it is NOT valid here, no matter what anything else on the card says. ADMIT-ONE vouchers, as well as BUY-ONE-GET-ONE-FREE are usually okay, provided there is nothing in the fine print to say otherwise. Here are some common pitfalls to look out for: 1) What dates is the voucher valid for? Sometimes they will have a start and end date, other times it will say “until the end of the film’s theatrical season.” 2) What days is the voucher valid on? Often they will not be valid on weekends, or not on Saturday after 5pm, or exclude discount days (Our discount day is on Tuesday.) They are not valid on public holidays. 3) Make sure the film the voucher is for is not on our No Free List. 4) Carefully check all the other fine print; often there will be a list of cinemas that the voucher is explicitly not valid at.

Roseville Cinemas does accept credit and debit cards. There is a 1% surcharge on all credit accounts and a 0.5% surcharge on debit accounts. There is also a 1.76% surcharge on China Union Pay. We do not accept American Express or Diners Card.

It means that you cannot exchange any vouchers for free tickets while the no free list is in effect. Movie Magics and Gift Vouchers that were explicitly paid for and purchased at Roseville Cinemas are still okay to use, but no others will be accepted. The distributor of a film will stipulate NO FREE TICKETS on selected films for a set duration. This restriction will not apply to the entire season of a film - usually only weeks 1 and 2. Check our programme schedule to ensure you will not be disappointed.

"Last Days" usually denotes the second last screening week for a film. As cinemas operate on weeks beginning on Thursday, a film in its "Last Days" will continue past the coming Wednesday onto Wednesday the week after. "Final Week" usually denotes the last screening week for a film.

Dolby technologies put you in the center of your movie-going experience. You will hear five full-range discreet channels, plus a subwoofer channel that coves the bottom one-tenth of the audible range - these are the technologies that create the experience. The dynamic range (the ratio of the loudest sounds to the softest) is significant and the full-range surround channels make lifelike special effects possible - think helicopters flying overhead. And the subwoofer sound can often be felt as well as heard.

Please see our Ratings Information Page for detailed information from the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

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